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Over 40 years Experience Buying and Selling Cattle


Cattle for sale - 450 brangus heifers

DS Cattle Company is a family owned livestock dealer dedicated to serving our customers, carefully listening to our customers to select cattle that fit their needs!

We use our experience and the knowledge that comes from being in the market buying and selling cattle every day to provide top quality feeder and stocker calves at fair prices.

David Sanders looks at every calf that goes on the truck. Our cattle, delivered to your farm will always be satisfactory - Guaranteed!


Premium Cattle Bring Premium Prices for You

Cattle for Sale

We specialize in selling Angus and Charolais bred and cross-bred cattle. The feeding and care of our cattle ensures consistent high-quality beef cattle.

We focus our efforts on the selection of quality beef cattle, raised on the farm, and bred to produce high quality beef. The finest cattle from areas in the south have been hand selected, moved to lush prairie land and grown to perfection.

Certified Angus Beef marketing programs have helped to create marketing awareness in the industry today. The sale of top quality Angus cattle results in not just higher cattle prices for you, but more dollars to your bottom line.


Fast Delivery = Higher Quality Cattle

 Cattle for sale - 725 lb Heifers

How long does it take to get my cattle? At DS Cattle Company we buy your cattle one day and ship the next. We use truckers that are the best in the southeast.

We know that fast delivery is best for your cattle because it helps to reduce stress on your cattle.



Located in the Black Prairie Belt

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Our home office is located in the black prairie belt along the Mississippi - Alabama state line and most of our inventory in the south comes from small farms in Alabama, Mississippi, and the region.

These small farmers rely on the abundance of locally grown grain and a relatively mild climate in this region to raise top quality cattle.

Our cattle inventory of primarily light weight Angus stocker calves ranges from Colorado to Texas to Florida, and we also service customers in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and other areas in the West.


Any Size Order

We have developed relationships with country cattle suppliers and sale barns all over the country, and can quickly provide you with the cattle to fill any size order. Whether you are looking for 500 head of premium quality Angus cattle or 20 head of cross bread Charolais - providing fast delivery of top quality low cost feeder cattle is what we specialize in. 


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